10 destinations in the DR that you must visit yes or yes

The Dominican Republic has a great diversity of tourist attractions. These are so impressive that they motivate more than one to live the same adventures over and over again. The diversity, the climate, the nature and the people, who welcome you with open arms, make visiting each place a wonderful experience.

Some of these Destinations They have a magical beauty, but they are a bit remote, so they may not be an option to go frequently. Then to celebrate the world tourism day We share 10 beautiful natural spaces in the Dominican Republic that you should visit yes or yes, even once in your life.

1. Montecristi: Cayo Arena

Located about 20 minutes by boat from the beach of Punta Rucia, in the north of the Dominican Republic, Cayo Arena is a small, but paradisiacal key, famous for its beautiful seabeds for diving and swimming with the fish, it is visited daily by tourists. of all the world. Once there you can enjoy its shallow waters, snorkeling with a wide variety of colorful fish. It is a perfect place to go and enjoy with friends or the whole family. Once in the key you can eat fruits and drinks to refresh yourself.

After your visit to the key is over, an interesting tour of the mangroves is made where you learn a little more about this type of flora and its important role in the maritime ecosystem.

2. Puerto Plata: The 27 Ponds of Damajagua

This incredible natural monument is located approximately half an hour from the city of Puerto Plata and is one of the main attractions of the city; Here you can hike through hills full of thick forest and jump into the puddles and wells of the Camú River. The tour takes approximately two and a half hours and at the beginning of the experience you will enjoy natural slides, caves and crystal clear waters that descend from the mountain to spend a day of adventures and lots of fun. The tour is done in the company of community guides and the use of life jackets and helmets is mandatory.

The route has 27 waterfalls, you must choose how many jumps you want to do and the price will vary. The park is open every day from eight in the morning until three in the afternoon. Do not stop living this adventure, you will love it!

3. Maria Trinidad Sanchez: Arroyo Salado Beach

Arroyo Salado, La Boca or La Entrada are the names by which this beach in the municipality of Cabrera is known. It has more than 4 kilometers of white beach adorned by hundreds of coconut trees next to the mouth of the Arroyo Salado river (the beach and the river kiss in La Boca), which offer a unique setting and a pleasant atmosphere for those who enjoy being in contact. with the nature of the place. This is a mandatory stop on your next visit to Cabrera.

Access to this beach is very easy, the road is in perfect condition and upon arrival you will find several restaurants that offer typical food, as well as fish and seafood to taste just below the coconut trees.

The beach is clean and calm, for seasons the tide usually rises, but almost throughout the year it remains in good condition. Right in front is the Arroyo Salado river, surrounded by beautiful mangroves where you can take a refreshing bath in fresh water.

4. Cabrera: Blue Lake

ANDhis small lagoon with very blue and crystalline waters is a natural pool. “Agua Azul”, as its name indicates, has a pleasant and fresh water of a turquoise blue hue, it is close to 40 feet deep, but due to its clarity it is possible to see the bottom. It is said that the blue color is due to the fact that its waters are underground and at some point are related to the sea, and the fauna that lives there is introduced.

“As you get closer you realize how nature has been patiently working to create a pleasant environment with incredible details. If you look up, at the edge of the cave you will see that some trees decided to extend their roots until they touch the ground (if it were inside a cave and as a result of water seepage, those would be stalactites)”, says Carlos Torres.

The water is transparent and at the same time exhibits a light blue hue. The entrance to the lagoon is on the Cabrera-Nagua highway, very close to Arroyo Salado beach and El Dudú lagoon. Being a private property, a small fee of $100 pesos must be paid to gain access.

5. Constanza: Pyramids of Valle Nuevo

This is an experience that you should definitely live at least once in your life. this destination is a perfect place for those who enjoy camping outdoors under pleasant temperatures that normally range between 14 and 16 degrees during the day and can drop to 0 degrees at night, depending on the season you visit, so It is recommended to be well prepared.

The pyramids are considered the geographical center of the Dominican Republic. They were built in honor of the dictator Rafael Trujillo, as he was the one who managed the construction of the highway between the municipalities of San José de Ocoa and Constanza in 1958.

6. Constance: Pico Duarte

This is a challenging experience even for the fittest, but living it is something that every Dominican dad should do, even once in his life. The route is quite long and demands preparation. To go you must get to La Ciénaga where the office is and from there walk or ride a donkey about 18 km to La Compartición, then climb Pico Duarte which is about 5 km more, the total climb is 23 km to reach the top , between descents, ascents and a rocky road. Round trip is 46 km. To do so, you can go to @amigosdeaventurasrd and they will put together all the logistics. You will feel cold, hot, you need to carry everything you will use and you must sleep in tents, but it is an adventure worth living.

7. Mirabal Sisters: Split River

This is one of the most beautiful rivers in the northern part of the DR, known for its turquoise blue waters and one of the favorites for parents who seek to delve into its mountains and fully enjoy the waterfalls and streams that this incredible place.

To get there you can do it through Salcedo or Villa Trina, in the Espaillat Province, with a route only suitable for people with an adventurous spirit, since you have to go down a mountain that takes approximately 40 minutes and once we go down we reach the river where you will begin to tour the beautiful settings that this inexhaustible place has.

If you come you must do it in the company of guides to avoid getting lost and always wearing comfortable shoes and clothing to enjoy this experience to the fullest. Remember to take a waterproof backpack with you since during the journey your belongings can get wet and also a bag to take your waste back with you.

8. Samaná: Ermitaño Beach

This is famous for its turquoise blue waters and its green coconut palms, which will make you never want to leave this paradisiacal place, located in El Limón, Samaná. The beach has a length of 400 meters and is surrounded by reefs.

The only way to access it is by foot, through a dense jungle-like path or by boat from Playa El Valle (the easiest and fastest way) and it takes about 15 minutes. If you plan to visit this place, it is advisable to bring: swimsuit, mask and snorkel accessories, flip flops, sun cream, towel, underwater camera and snacks. If you are lucky, you may come across some wild boars that run along the shore and come out to bathe in the crystal clear waters of this beautiful virgin beach.

9. Bahoruco: Path of the Virgin

The Sendero de la Virgen allows you to enter the forest and be in contact with nature, this place is perfect to enjoy virgin tourism, full of thick vegetation and surrounded by streams that will welcome you.

The Sendero de la Virgen is located in the area of ​​La Ciénaga, it has an extension of over a kilometer that ends in a cave where a waterfall descends. It can be explored in about an hour and a half.

The La Plaza Spa and La Cueva de La Virgen are in the same direction, so it is convenient to do it in one day with the guides of the community.

10. Pedernales: Bay of the Eagles

Many have heard of it, but few have seen it. This paradise is located in the province of Pedernales, in the Southwest of the Dominican Republic and is part of the Jaragua National Park. It has crystal clear waters and white sand that borders it, in addition to the biodiversity that you can find in its surroundings. Bahía de las Águilas is one of those places where you disconnect from all the hustle and bustle of the city and you never want to leave.

“If you plan to come, you can camp at Cabo Rojo beach, where there are ecological hotels that provide this service (Glamping) and where you can sleep in tents with all the comforts (beds, sheets, pillows, bathrooms, showers); They have restaurants right there that will make your stay a very special and diverse experience,” says Carlos.

When you arrive at the beach you will be impressed by that landscape that will make you feel in paradise, literally; It is a beach worth visiting due to its special beauty.

You can get there in two ways: by boat (the fastest) or by land (it will take you longer), taking into account that the road that connects you to the beach is not in good condition and you must go in a 4×4 vehicle.