10 things you did not know about the love story of Anthony Aranda and Melissa Paredes [VIDEO]

From the beginning of their relationship, Melissa Paredes and Anthony Aranda were in the eye of the storm and being highly criticized because of the way it was started their romanceOver time, the situation worsened due to problems with Rodrigo Cuba, but they have shown that there is nothing that can make the flame of his love fades.

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10 things you should know about the love story of Melissa Paredes and Anthony Aranda

1.- The first time they were face to face

Although many believe that Melissa Paredes and Anthony Aranda They were face to face for the first time in “Reinas del Show”, the truth is that they met on the set of “America Today”when the ‘Activator’ attended to talk about Paula Manzanalwith whom he danced.

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2.- Where did the romance start?

It seems that the connection between Melissa Paredes and Anthony Aranda began to flow more and more during the dance rehearsals on the reality show “Queens of the Show”Well, they shared moments very close that would have made their hearts move.

3.- How did the world know about your closeness?

Unfortunately, the relationship Melissa Paredes and Anthony Aranda It did not start at a good time because it became publicly known thanks to an ampay from the security cameras. Magaly TV La Firmewhen she was still married to Rodrigo Cuba and there were no known problems of the couple.

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4.- When was the beginning of the relationship confirmed?

Although the ampay was in October 2021, Melissa Paredes confessed to the disappeared program “Women in charge” that his relationship with Anthony Aranda It officially started in December 2021.

5.- His first kiss

According to confessions of Melissa Paredes in the program “Love and Fire”the first kiss he would have given his dancer Anthony Aranda It was the one that was broadcast in Magaly Medina’s ampay, just the one that was captured by the cameras in her car.

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6.- The intimate garment that Melissa Paredes accommodated

Many doubts arose after the video of the ampay where he kisses Anthony Arandausers see how the former driver Melissa Paredes got out of the car and fixed her underwear, she explained that it was because “I always do that when I’m wearing leggings.”

7.- His relationship with Rodrigo Cuba and Ale Venturo

Although initially, Melissa Paredes and Rodrigo Cuba they entered into a rivalry by not knowing how to handle their separation correctly, today the ex-husbands are better and have progressed in their relationship together with their new partners Anthony Aranda Y Ale Venturorespectively, for the welfare of their daughter.

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8.- Anthony Aranda and his relationship with Melissa’s daughter

Since Melissa Paredes began his relationship with Anthony Arandahad no problem introducing her to her daughter and sharing moments together, as they do to this day, showing that they get along.

9.- Melissa Paredes’s mother

Celia Rodriguezthe mother of Melissa Paredeshas constantly demonstrated the good relationship it maintains with Anthony Aranda, so much so that he even calls her “Mamita”, as a sign of affection.

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10.- The chosen gift

apparently to Melissa Paredes she likes flowers a lot because Anthony Aranda He has been shown pampering his partner with gigantic bouquets of roses on different occasions, whether they are red or pink.