10 things you didn’t know about Natalie Vértiz and Yaco Eskenazi [VIDEO]

A fairy tale romance. The model Natalie Vértiz and the host Yaco Eskenazi met and fell in love when they were working on the competition reality show “This is war”They had one of the most remembered marriages from the television. Here, we tell you some things you should know about the happy couple.

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10 things you should know about Natalie Vértiz and Yaco Eskenazi

1.- First option?

Natalie Vertiz and Yaco Eskenazi They did not fall in love immediately, because when they were in “Esto Es Guerra”, they were first with other people before becoming a couple.

2.- The proposal

Iaco Eskenazi he proposed to Natalie Vertiz four months into their relationship as a couple.

3.- As parents

Natalie Vertiz became pregnant with Iaco Eskenazi two months after being in love and to date they are parents of two children.

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4.- Age difference

The difference between the ages of Natalie Vertiz and Yaco Eskenazi he is 11 years old, he being older than her. The model is 31 years old and the driver is 42 years old.

5.- Natalie Vértiz was not a fan of Yaco Eskenazi

Natalie Vertiz confessed that he did not know Iaco Eskenaziwas not his fan and had to ask his sister Camilla who she was before going out with him.

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6.- Similar tastes

Natalie Vertiz and Yaco Eskenazi They share the same type of tastes for preferring to stay calm in the comfort of their home, watching movies and eating delicious things, before going to a party.

7.- Did they separate?

Like all couples Natalie Vertiz and Yaco Eskenazi They have also gone through a crisis in their relationship as they did in 2020 when the driver confessed that the loss of his father made him isolate himself completely.

8.- Natalie Vértiz is jealous

Through television cameras, the model Natalie Vertiz has been seen as a jealous woman with her husband Iaco Eskenaziadmitting that he wouldn’t let anyone get out of line with him.

9.- Proud of his partner

Iaco Eskenazi has consecutively revealed that he is proud to have a woman as successful as he is Natalie Vertiz by his side.

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10.- Yaco Eskenazi wishes to have a daughter

Iaco Eskenazi revealed that she would like to have one more baby with Natalie Vertiz And this time it’s a girl.