100 years later: the species Goniopteris fuerteii ‘reappears’ in the Barahona ravine

The National Botanical Garden (JBN) reported that, after an exhaustive botanical exploration, the technician Yommi Piña ‘found’ the species Goniopteris fuerteii in a ravine in the community of Las Filipinas (La Ciénaga, Barahona province).

This taxon, previously known only by type, was recently rediscovered by Piña (Piña 1671, FLAS, JBSD) near the type locality after more than 100 years of its description.

It is a terrestrial fern endemic to Hispaniola and exclusive to the Eastern Bahoruco. Piña, who was born in Paraíso, Barahona, and is a graduate student in Biology at the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo (UASD), works as a Taxonomy and Explorations technician at the JBN.

The exploration was carried out in conjunction with the photographer Eladio Fernández, associate researcher of the garden.

Dedicated to Father Miguel Domingo Fuertes, this species was described by Brause in 1913. “At that time it was described as Dryopteris fuerteii and since then it had not been found again for a more detailed study,” explained the JBN.


The JBN warned that the place where the species lives is being greatly impacted by mining, which could lead to extinction.

“The JBN, as a way of conserving the species, is carrying out reproduction work in our Fern Pavilion and nursery,” the institution reported.