11 waterfalls you must visit in the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is a true paradise and now more than ever is a good opportunity to get to know our land. And for this we can connect from the comfort of our home with the adventures that others have lived and that they share on their own, but also by visiting those places thanks to the excursions organized by many adventurers.

In addition to beautiful beaches and spectacular rivers, the Dominican Republic has a wide variety of jumps and the hiker Vanessa Espinal (@vanespinal) understands that this half-island is lucky “because it is full of natural beauties that impress whoever has the opportunity to witness them. We have the most beautiful and virgin beaches, rivers with dazzling colors, jumps and impressive waterfalls”, the traveler shares with readers a list of jumps and waterfalls that you should know.

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1. The highest jump in the Caribbean -Miches

This is the The Jalda waterfall, with about 120 meters high, located between Hato Mayor and Miches. According to Vanessa, there are two ways to get to this waterfall: the first is through a path (which can be done on foot or on horseback) and the second by helicopter. For the route through the trail, if you do it on foot, you must have good physical conditions, since it takes approximately 4 hours to reach the waterfall, and the same to return.

2. The waterfalls of Monseñor Nouel -Bonao

The Monseñor Nouel province is rich in jumps and waterfalls, as it has more than 64 waterfalls over 30 meters high, including: the screamer, Located in Bonao, it is the second highest in the country, with a height of approximately 95 meters. There are two routes to get there: one up the river and the other through the mountains. This tour has seven waterfalls in total, called: Anunciación, Salomón, Saúl, J. Henry, Franyi, Daniel and La Gritona. The duration of the route to reach La Gritona is approximately two and a half hours, this being an extremely difficult route.

3. Waterfall El Berro-Bonao

Also located in Bonao, according to the hiker, the waterfall bears this name because on the shore of the great puddle there are many watercress plants. “It’s an incredible waterfall, with an impressive flow and very cold water,” she says. To visit this place you can do it in two ways: if you have a 4×4 vehicle you can get closer to the entrance, if not, you must get to the Tireito dam and take a walk of about an hour and a half. You must be in good physical condition, because the route is extreme, in the same way, be accompanied by a guide. For the return, you can choose to make a journey downstream, passing through other puddles, such as La Cueva and Anaconda.

4. Jima-Bonao waterfalls

According to Vanessa, this experience includes a set of spectacular jumps (in total there are about 23), 9 of them belong to Bonao and 14 to Constanza. The natural monument jumps de Jima, was declared a protected area and of those jumps two of them are easily accessible. To enter these two, you walk along a beautiful and well-kept path for approximately 20 minutes.

5. El Gallo waterfall – San José de las Matas

This waterfall is located in San José de las Matas. For the traveler, this is a beautiful and ideal place for lovers of hiking. “The tour is about an hour and a half between hills (ups and downs), streams and spectacular views. The difficulty of this tour is high, but the reward of enjoying that jump is priceless,” she says. For this route you need a 4×4 vehicle.

6. High Jump – Bayaguana

Located in Bayaguana, Monte Plata province, it is a good option for those who live in Santo Domingo, since it is approximately an hour and a half away by car and it is an ideal option for the family, since the level of difficulty is low, after to park the car you just have to go down a few steps. This is a beautiful waterfall with three waterfalls in a beautiful pool. It is located in a private area, and to enter you must pay approximately 100 Dominican pesos per person.

7. Socoa Falls- Monte Plata

Salto de Socoa is located in Monte Plata and, like Salto Alto, represents a good option for being close to Santo Domingo. For Vanessa, this option is ideal for families, since the level of difficulty is minimal. It is a beautiful place with a waterfall of approximately 20 meters in a spectacular puddle. To enter you pay approximately 50 Dominican pesos, you also pay parking.

8. La Culebra- San Cristobal

“It is a beautiful waterfall that bears this name because the waterfall is shaped like a snake,” says Vanessa. According to her, this is an impressive place and, to get there, she goes through the community of Los Cacaos, in San Cristóbal. It is of high difficulty, since you walk approximately one hour and 15 minutes to reach it, between a path with many ups and downs, you also have to complete a tour of the river.

9. La Taína- San Cristobal

This place is magical, here you find a waterfall with a super deep puddle of crystalline waters of a greenish tone. To get to it, one of the options is to go through the Los Cacaos community in San Cristóbal and it is easier to access than to get to La Culebra waterfall, since to get there you walk about 20 minutes upriver, between puddles and stones.

10. La Rejoya- Juan de Nina

To get to this place we moved to Juan de Nina, Puerto Plata. This is a hidden treasure of blue waters that has several jumps and waterfalls. According to Vanessa, to get to the first one it takes approximately 40 minutes by trails and inside the river you can appreciate the benefits of nature. It has several puddles and four waterfalls that will take your breath away.

11. Waterfall El Limón – Samaná

This spectacular waterfall is located in Samaná. “This tour for adventurers is through a landscape full of palm and coconut trees, before reaching the El Limón waterfall, which falls from the top of the Sierra de Samaná, at a height of 40 meters (130 feet)” says Vanessa. The journey to get there is 2.5 km, which can be done on foot (if you are in good physical shape) or on horseback. The reward: a refreshing dip in the cool water under a majestic waterfall.