12-year-old boy records himself asking for help for his mother’s bazaar: “It’s the only income” [VIDEO]

Many children are witnesses of the sacrifices and efforts that their mothers make to take them forward, especially in this COVID-19 pandemic. It is so a 12 year old boy He made the decision to record himself asking for help to collaborate with his mother, who does not have a good time. The moving video touches the hearts of anyone.

Luiz gabriel It went viral on social networks after asking users to support her mother because she had noticed that Ana Cristina, 34, was going through difficult economic times, since she had no income to support the family.

His mother has a small shop which, according to Luiz, has been difficult to maintain during these times, for which he became desperate and had no other option to seek help on social networks.

Thus, in the video that was recorded, he asks for collaborations to be able to equip his mother’s bazaar so that he can sell and grow little by little and make a call to bring more clients.

On the other hand, Ana Cecilia has had to go through financial difficulties to buy food for her little ones because in the last month she did not have money to buy some milk, which worried her a lot.

Meanwhile, the video that the minor from Brazil recorded reached the VOAA organization, who made a collection with their followers and managed to raise the money so that Luiz Gabriel, his brothers and his mother can meet their needs.