2-day-old baby is stolen from hospital while resting with her mother

A baby barely two days old, she was stolen from the Hospital Diego Paroissien, in the Argentine province of Buenos Aires. According to local media, the minor was in a room resting with her mother after she breastfed her. For the family’s peace of mind, the girl was recovered, while three people have been arrested on suspicion of theft.

According to the Police, the newborn was abducted on the morning of this last Saturday. After her disappearance was reported, security agents from the medical center reviewed the surveillance cameras and discovered that a woman managed to enter without registering at the reception.

The three arrested for baby theft at Hospital Diego Paroissien. Photo: composition LR/Infobae

A few minutes later, the images captured the suspect retiring next to a backpack, inside which it is presumed that she was carrying the minor. After these events, she met a young woman with whom she left the place.

A few hours later, an anonymous call alerted the Police, who traced its origin and found the whereabouts of the baby on the outskirts of a parish. Next to her, she found a young man with the initials EAV, 21 years old, who evaded the authorities’ questions. To this capture was added that of Georgina Ayelen Rodriguez (32) and her daughter ailen (18).

The suspects will remain in custody pending further investigation. On her part, the newborn has already been reunited with her mother. “Luckily, she is safe and sound. We reached to give him a hug. My niece is already with her mother,” the minor’s uncle told the outlet. A24.