2-year-old girl dies with signs of violence: parents are accused as the main suspects

A 2-year-old girl has allegedly been beaten to death by her father and stepmother west of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. According to the Police and the doctor who examined the girl, she would have been tortured by both defendants, who upon being captured have indicated that everything “is a mistake” and that the wounds presented were “birthmarks”.

The detainees, identified as Marcos Vinicius Linen and Patricia Andre RibeiroThey took the little girl to a hospital, where the doctor who treated her noticed that she had already been dead for at least an hour. According to her testimony, she showed signs of physical aggression and probable sexual abuse.

The 2-year-old girl would have been murdered by her father Marcos Vinicius Lino and her stepmother Patricia André Ribeiro. Photo: capture SBT News

After that, the doctor informed the Police about this alleged case of child abuse, for which Lino and Ribeiro are considered the main suspects. For his part, Marcia Helena Julia, head of the Police Delegation in charge of the case, was dismayed by what happened. “In 40 years of profession, This is the most terrible and inhumane thing I have ever come across.”, he pointed to the medium Balloon.

The biological mother of the murdered minor denounced that she could not see or obtain information about her daughter for a year, when she agreed with the father that he would take care of her, since she had been facing mental health problems.