2022 bonds in Venezuela: fixed and special planned in the Patria system for next year

Nicolás Maduro’s regime grants several bonuses a year to the Venezuelan population that is registered in the Patria System. The amount of each aid varies and is reported by said platform every month. In the midst of a de facto dollarization that has been registered in the country for more than two years, millions of citizens do not receive a salary that allows them to cover their needs.

The Venezuelan portal El Pitazo highlights that 41 bonds were awarded in 2021. The Madurista administration assures that the granting of the subsidy is promoted as a “social protection” policy.

The Nicolás Maduro regime announced on December 27 the Victories Year Bonus as part of the “social aid” in response to the serious crisis that Venezuela is suffering. Those who have the so-called Carnet de la Patria will be able to receive it and collect it immediately.

The Victory Year Bonus is the last authorized by Maduro and will be distributed between December 27 and 31.

Those who receive the Victory Year Bonus They obtained a text message through the short number 3532 and through the application veMonedero. “Let’s finish this year celebrating what has been achieved and preparing for new victories. The new year will be one of prosperity and happiness for the people ”, it reads.

The amount awarded was Bs 12, which is equivalent to 2.62 dollars, according to DolarToday.

To access the Patria website, simply place your identity card, be it Venezuelan or foreign, along with the password previously registered in the system.

In blog.patria.org.ve/ you can access all the news related to the Carnet de la Patria vouchers. Likewise, they report on the updated amounts of the social protection programs and on new 100% Amor Mayor pensions, among others.

Canal patria digital

In www.patria.org.ve/ you can access the various options of the Patria platform.

To enter the Patria Wallet and withdraw funds, you only have to perform a few very simple steps:

1.- Access the application (veMonedero) and scan the QR code of the National Card

2.- Follow the system instructions

3.- Fill in the requested data

4.- Select the option of the Homeland bonds

5.- Confirm data.

In person.patria.org.ve/login/clave/ you can enter Patria simply with your identity card and the security code.

Homeland Blog

At www.patria.org.ve/ you can access the Homeland page.