2023: Year of the Water Rabbit

The energy of the year 2023, or year of the water rabbit, begins to be in force taking into account the sun, every February 4 or 5, as appropriate in the year. This year, 02/04/2023 is when the new energy of the rabbit begins to rule, although the change has begun to be felt since the beginning. Chinese New YearLunar New Year.

The idea is to know the energy of nature to understand and flow with it, as in any oracle, it provides us with a better understanding of the circumstances, and better adjust the sails of our boat.

In the case of the energy of the rabbit, hare or also called the cat according to Suzanne White in her book Lto new chinese astrology, This year is marked by the water element.

The personality of the year as an entity is fast and fertile, being able to advance in many projects. This sign is diplomatic and soft. Seek harmony and joy of living, it is very festive.

The color is grey; the flower, the rose; the tree, the poplar.

The number 4 as a lucky number.

When the cat behaves as a pet, it is characterized by prudence, discretion, is hospitable and very virtuous. When enraged he can be difficult, fastidious, and somewhat dismissive.

It is expected to be a productive year, especially if we establish both physical and mental order.

According to this information, each one is affected in a different way according to the animal that corresponds to its own year of birth.

The word zodiac means round of animals; There are 12 animals that govern it: rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog, pig.

Personality according to the Chinese zodiac

The Chinese horoscope considers all five elements, they choose one, determined by the end of the digit of the year. These contribute characteristics to the personality of the sign. Namely, they are:

Metal (years ending in 0 and 1): enthusiasts and lovers of power. Metal comes from the earth, is controlled by fire and transforms wood.

Water (years ending in 2 and 3): creative, authentic Related to intuition. The metal is obtained from this element and the water feeds the wood, puts out the fire and is absorbed by the earth.

Wood (years ending in 4 and 5): ambitious and willing Self-confident wood natives prefer to commit themselves to just causes. Wood is fed by water and is the raw material of fire, likewise, it is absorbed by earth and dominated by metal.

Fire (years ending in 6 and 7): optimistic, ardent and vehemently committed to the cause that they propose. Fire feeds the earth, it is fueled by wood, its heat controls metal, and it is controlled by water.

Earth (years ending in 8 and 9): practical, executive and reliable, they are managers and like to see the results of their actions. Earth feeds metal, feeds fire, dominates water, and is absorbed by wood.

Any year is successful if we work with tenacity and empathy for the common good.