3-year-old boy left in a coma after being brutally beaten by his mother’s boyfriend

A minor, just 3 years old, ended up hospitalized after being brutally beaten by his mother’s partner. It was learned that the little boy, who is torn between life and death, is in coma in a hospital Houston, United States.

According to various media, the mother, identified as Jasmine Salas, apparently allowed her boyfriend to hit her son multiple times. Due to this, the woman faces charges after being denounced before the court of the state of Houston.

The assault was recorded on January 27, the date on which the child was transferred to a health center as a result of the serious injuries he suffered.

Salas was arrested and bail was set at US$150,000. In addition, she has been prohibited from having contact with her children. One of them, the little one’s older brother, is in the care of Child Protective Services.

On the other hand, the identity of the attacker has not yet been revealed nor is his current whereabouts known.

Noticias Caracol reported that the little boy arrived at the medical center with symptoms of severe malnutritiona head burn, bruises, broken ribs, liver lacerations, bruised lungs, pleural effusion, subconjunctival hemorrhage, and preorbital injuries.

“A 3-year-old should never have had to go through this. I was in shock seeing him with a neck brace, the tubes, the things on his head, all the sensors. I found out he was in a coma“, assured Emma Schiefer, aunt of the minor, for ABC 13.

Because of the severe injuries, doctors said the child is unlikely to survive. The family wants justice, but says their priority right now is the boy’s recovery.

“She deserves to stay where she is and never come out,” Emma Schiefer added.