6-week-old puppy that was burned and mutilated, finds new family: “He likes sweets” [FOTO]

Inhuman. A puppy barely six weeks old has undergone the most cruel acts towards animals because this furry man suffered serious burns in a large part of his body that left him almost without fur. He was mutilated from his ears and was full of parasites so the veterinarians who found him feared for his life. The case is viral on social networks.

However, after their rescue it was seen how these animals come back to life. Kringle, the dog, surprised all his rescuers because when he was twelve weeks old he was already out of the hospital and recovering in a temporary home. The story of animal abuse is outrageous to all, however, he did not give up.

It is worth mentioning that the puppy today has become a symbol of perseverance since it needed more than one miracle to survive. Kringle was rescued in Mexico after he was transferred to a shelter Saving Huey Foundation who resides in California, United States.

According to his rescuers, the process has not been easy since every few days he had to undergo surgeries to remove the dead skin. He was being transferred to different hospitals, for example, for his treatment as well as an eye operation to correct his eyelids, however, it did not work.

Despite everything, the dog found a loving home where he has been receiving the attention and life he deserves. His story is viral on social networks. Kringle loves the treats as they were part of the processes.

Finally, it is important to mention that if we are witnesses of animal abuse, do not hesitate to report it because these animals are not to blame for some actions of the people who attempt against them.