600 immigrants traveling in trailers rescued in Mexico

The Mexican authorities rescued 600 immigrants on Friday who were transported in two trailers in the state of Veracruz, in the east of the country, reported this Saturday, November 20, National Immigration Institute (INM).

“There are 145 women and 455 men from 12 countries”, among which. there are neighbors from Mexico, but also from Africa, India and Bangladesh, the INM said in a statement.

In the group, “There are boys and girls, minors, I have had to see pregnant women, people with illnesses, colds, coughs” that they are already receiving medical attention, Tonatiuh Hernández, delegate of the Veracruz State Human Rights Commission, told reporters.

The migrants traveled crowded in the containers of the two trailers, Hernández stressed, who confessed that he had never seen “so many” migrants “in a single event of this type.”

“The administrative immigration procedure is carried out and the child protection agencies are notified in the case” of families or minors traveling alone, for their “presence and condition of stay” in Mexico, added INM.

Of the total, 401 (107 women and 294 men) are from Guatemala; 53 (36 men and 17 women) from Honduras; 27 (19 men and 8 women) from Nicaragua; eight (five men and three women) from Cuba; 18 (four women and 14 men) from El Salvador; and four (one woman and three men) from Venezuela.

Also identified were 37 men from Bangladesh, four men from Ecuador, six men from Ghana, one man from India, five women and 35 men from the Dominican Republic, as well as a man from Cameroon, the INM said.

The rescue of the migrants occurs at a time when a caravan of some 800 undocumented persons is advancing on foot through Veracruz, made up mostly of Central Americans, who left on October 23 from Tapachula, Chiapas, on the border with Guatemala. Until now, the undocumented have walked more than 500 km.

The Mexican government offers the immigrants from that caravan residence for at least one year for humanitarian reasons, but to obtain it they must abandon the column. Some 1,500 people have already agreed, according to the INM, which has reduced the caravan considerably since it left Tapachula.

Those who remain in the column are skeptical of this offer, believing that they are actually going to be deported. Migration authorities allow migrants to walk freely through the country, but not to travel in vehicles.

The flow of undocumented immigrants multiplied coinciding with the arrival of Joe Biden to the White House, who promised to treat them well.

More than 190,000 of them have been detected by Mexican authorities between January and September, three times more than in 2020. Some 74,300 have been deported.

According to directives from the Biden administration that will take effect on November 29, only undocumented immigrants who pose a threat to the United States, such as terrorist or espionage activities and committing crimes or serious offenses, will be deported.