7-year-old girl in critical condition after shooting at London funeral

This weekend, around 1:30 p.m. (local time), four women and two girls, ages 12 and 7were injured in a shooting at the end of a funeral at the door of St Aloysius Church, located in London, United Kingdom. The Police immediately moved to the place, as soon as they received the news.

According to the medium Daily MailSo far, of the six people injured, the under 7-year-old is the one who is in a very critical condition in the hospital.

Regarding the rest of those attending the funeral, a witness to the BBC stated that they were evacuated through a side entrance to the church.

The mass was performed by the priest Jeremy Troodwho pointed to the PA news agency which was in honor of a 20-year-old girl and her mother, who died in November of leukemia and a blood clot upon arrival at London’s Heathrow airport, respectively.

The police authorities have not yet arrested a suspect in the shooting, so they will begin the investigation. As part of this, they have asked attendees to share images or videos, in case they have recorded, they are even asking for images from the church’s security cameras.

According to the statements of a witness to the Daily Mail, the reason for the attack would have been for revenge against a man who attended the funeral.