71-year-old woman becomes a sought-after model

At 71 years old, Gloria Lida Morales has decided to show the world that there is no age to achieve goals, becoming a listed model at 71 years of age.

It all started three years ago, when, after retiring from her profession as a nurse, her son decided to promote his mother’s childhood dream of becoming a model, and enrolled her in a modeling academy. “I thought to be model it was no more walking, but there are many classes, “he shared with the program Today (Telemundo) the septuagenarian mannequin.

After changing her image and taking runway, photography and body language classes, the colombian has conquered the catwalks of Cali and Colombia, and triumphs as model catalog. “I want to inspire people that no matter how old you are, if you have had a dream fight for it that you achieve it.”

According to People en español, in addition to loving fashion as art and appreciating that designers share their creations with models, Morales is passionate about walking the show in his new profession. “I have participated in different catwalks. The first very nervous, my heart wanted to go out, but I was gaining confidence and today I feel calmer to play. I love the catwalk.”