90-year-old woman fulfills her late husband’s wish and marries his best friend

A romantic event has moved many users on social networks. This is the viral story of Eileen and Vince Triggs. The couple she was married for 71 years and had four children, four grandchildren, and seven great-grandchildren. However, Vince passed away at the age of 96, which caused great sadness throughout the community, who remembered him as a charitable person who, through his business, the neighborhood and community events, supported his environment.

As a last wish before leaving, Vince asked his beloved Elieen to “I won’t spend too much time in mourning” and “that at some point she remarried and could share the rest of her life with someone who loves her the way he wanted her,” according to Mike Triggs, one of their children, on his social networks.

Likewise, Vince would have also confessed that he had already thought of a candidate to take his place as Elienn’s partner and companion for the rest of his life. “Although there would surely be many, The only man who knew that he would treat her the way he would want him to treat her was his best friend, Ron FultonMike added.

Although at first this seemed to Eileen “a crazy talk”, after the death of Vince she and Ron Fulton – Vince’s best friend since 2015 – began to spend time together. He even helped her tidy up her late husband’s closet, they attended concerts and watched games together. This led to the woman finally deciding to marry Ron, who had also been a widower since 2019.

“One day Ron asked me if I would consider going to Arizona for a couple of months and I said no because I wouldn’t consider going with someone I wasn’t married to. The next day he came back and said, ‘Would you consider going to Arizona if we got married?’ and I said yes “, revealed Eileen to the American portal Today. He also said that they were married on last December 26, 2021.