A 10-year-old girl defended her gay uncle from her homophobic grandparents

A 28-year-old gay man shared his story on Monday, January 3, 2022, on Reedit, a content and news platform from the United States. He called his case “a family drama” after his niece confronted her homophobic grandparents, the protester’s parents, during the last December holidays.

He explained that he has been “disowned” by his parents for being homosexual and that he has not had communication with them for eight years. However, he maintains a close relationship with his sister and their 10-year-old daughter.

In addition, he explained that his parents organize a Christmas meeting every year, to which they invite all the relatives, but not him.

Due to the above, a few days later, the young man, the sister and his niece get together for a more intimate sharing.

“At our intimate Christmas gathering, while my sister was in the other room, the little girl asked me why I never go to my parents’ Christmas,” the man wrote. “I replied with the excuse that I have used for years: ‘I had to work.’

However, on the last occasion, the girl did not believe her, and argued that the meeting sometimes occurred at Christmas, “when I definitely have the day off.”

Soon after, her niece got upset and asked her uncle if he didn’t “like being” with them. It was then that the man opened up about the fact that his parents “disowned him for his guidance.”

She stated that the minor was “obviously upset” by the fact and, the next day, she confronted her homophobic grandparents.

“Apparently, she was very hard on them,” he said. “So my parents called my sister and yelled at her for letting my niece be near me.”

Due to the above, his sister confronted the young man for “provoking a family fight” and for “involving” the girl. She showed that she felt “very bad” after the incident, because she did not expect the little girl to question her grandparents.

After the publication, which has generated thousands of interactions and the dissemination of some LGBT + media, the young man received great community support. Users have pointed out that if the sister really supported and loved him, then she “would have the courage to complain to her parents about their wrongdoing.” In addition, they classified the minor as “brave”.