A Dominican bet on sustainable fashion

With about 60 pieces on the catwalk, Jacqueline Severino integrates art and fashion in a sustainable way from the reuse of second-hand garments such as blouses, jeans, tshirts, tablecloths, curtains, among others, from a work based on of painting techniques, embroidery, dyeing and applications in various fabrics in a handmade and creative way to renew its design and make it unique.

This collection, called Yes, was exhibited in the front esplanade of the Museum of Modern Art, where the Dominican artist and designer showed off it by presenting through her creation a means of raising awareness about the large amount of clothing that ends up in landfills, a product from that insane “throwaway” culture.

The key to reducing negative effects on the environment is found in the 3 Rs, declares Severino, recycle, reuse and reduce.

The upcycling reuse used clothing to give them a second life and take advantage of the energy expended in their manufacture.

“This proposal is a new step, small, but very important, to increase awareness about the environmental impact of the way we dress and the use we make of our clothing,” says the designer.

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