A man is sentenced for leaving a nurse without an eye who asked him to wear a mask on the subway

The Colombian Juan Camilo LC has been sentenced to 4 years in prison in Spain and his expulsion from the country when he serves his sentencesince he is in an irregular situation, for assaulting a nurse who lost an eye when he asked him to put on his mask on the subway.

El Periódico de España advanced the sentence, in a case with notable media coverage.

The Provincial Court of Madrid condemns him for assaulting a nurse in the city subway in 2021 after demanding that he put on the mask, when it was mandatory on public transport due to COVID-19considering him the author of a crime of intentional injury because he wanted to hit him, but without thinking that it could cause him to lose an eye.

Furthermore, it decrees his expulsion from Spain for 10 years, once the sentence has been served, and orders him to pay compensation of more than 76,000 euros to the victim.

The Prosecutor’s Office had requested 8 years in prison and more than 80,000 euros of compensationunderstanding that the nurse suffered an injury with loss of a major organ that is irreversible.

The convicted man, who was 19 years old at the time, said in court that he felt panicked and just wanted to push away an older man who had hit him, for which his lawyer requested that he be sentenced for reckless injury, with the extenuation of consumption. of narcotic substances.

The assaulted nurse admitted in court that he hit him to push him away after being assaulted, but when everything seemed to be over and the young man was leaving, he returned without being seen and hit him in the face.

The sentence considers him responsible for a crime of intentional injury with serious negligence, while the Prosecutor’s Office saw deliberate will in his conduct and the private prosecution accused him of attempted homicide.

The court holds that the defendant’s conduct was willful in terms of the act of punching, but reckless in terms of the final result, since causing his eyeball to burst was unlikely.

Even though the defendant used a mobile phone to hit the nurse, “it was not highly probable” that the impact caused the loss of an eye, it is pointed out.