A mother has to connect to a video game to be able to talk with her 11-year-old daughter

Motherhood is a complicated period that often means being more patient, more sensible, but also more creative. That’s how he understood it ChaCha Watsona woman of USA who went viral after publishing the story of how he managed to communicate with his 11-year-old daughter through a video game after the girl ignored him when they tried to communicate.

The woman looked for ways and devised strategies to be able to communicate with miracle, his daughter. The youngest likes virtual games, so these became a creative option to create a bond: ChaCha he signed up for ‘Roblox’ and started chatting with her.

“Being a single mom, you just want to make sure you spend time with your kids. That’s very important to me: making sure I spend quality time with her. So I downloaded Roblox and that was one of the best things ever,” the woman told Today.

Watson found in the game, more than a difficulty, an important space to share with the 11-year-old girl. Thus, ‘Roblox‘ became from that day a means of communication that strengthens the relationship between mother and daughter.

“I’m surprised, but I also love it because I feel like I’m encouraging parents to play and spend more time with their children. It’s a way to spend quality time,” Watson said.

The woman has even admitted that she loves the video game because they have fun. Furthermore, she revealed that she has become addicted and that she has younger family members who also often join.