A pedophile who declared himself a woman was detained in a women’s prison and raped a cellmate [FOTO]

A pedophile who proclaimed himself a woman He was detained in a women’s prison, where he later raped a cellmate, reports National Review citing former and current employees of the women’s prison of that territorial entity in Washington, United States.

According to local laws, inmates who identify as women they can be admitted to a women’s prison, as has happened in this case that has generated shock and outrage among Americans.

Since in theory, those who define themselves as transsexuals “They must present a strong argument to justify their request for confinement in a women’s prison, but in reality the requirements are minimal,” she explained. Scott fleming, a former prison guard.

The only requirement is that they declare that they identify as womenFleming said. This is the case of Hobby Bingham, who after being imprisoned for rape with a minor declared that he identified himself as a woman and decided to call himself Andromeda Love.

In that sense, he was transferred to a women’s prison, there he was found without clothes along with his cellmate, Heather Lee Ann Trent. This is because all sexual relations are considered non-consensual in the prison system.

Upon serving his sentence and getting out of jail, Bingham cut his hair and called himself a man again. According to Fleming, the prison staff ignored the alleged violation, without applying expert opinions or presenting an incident report.

The former guard considered that “it was very irresponsible for the State to put them together in the same cell” since Trent would have been technically raped by the subject.