A waitress mixes her blood in a cocktail and is fired: they accuse her of “labor terrorism”

A gothic-style restaurant in Japan surpassed the levels of innovation by serving a cocktail laced with the blood of one of its waitresses. Because of this scandal, Mondaiji With Coffee Daku he had to apologize to the general public and stressed that the person responsible for the event was fired. The woman is accused oflabor terrorism”, after putting the health of diners at risk.

For her part, the now ex-waitress of the recently inaugurated establishment, located in the city of sapporodefended himself against the accusations and pointed out that he poured blood into the drink named orikakuby request of one of the clients.

Specialists warn about the danger of drinking blood. Photo: Telemundo

After the incident was made public, the restaurant closed its doors for a day, in order to replace all contaminated glasses, as well as dispose of potentially damaged bottles of alcohol.

The dangers of drinking blood

In an interview with the Japanese media Flash, doctor zento kitao warned about the danger of blood consumption. “Cases of people becoming infected by drinking the blood of others are rare; however, major diseases can be transmitted through it, such as HIV, hepatitis C, hepatitis B, and syphilis,” he added. “If there are wounds in the mouth, it is easy to get infected via blood transmission.”