A woman accompanies a friend during childbirth and discovers that her husband is the father of the girl [FOTO]

Unusual. A 28 year old woman who brought her home to her pregnant friend He ended up getting a surprise after helping him deliver. And, is that while changing the clothes of the newborn, she noticed a birthmark and discovered that the girl is the daughter of her husband.

The case is related by the American Hailey mae custer, through a video that went viral on TikTok and already has more than 3.5 million visits. In the clip, she detailed the story and said that she is no longer married to the man, with whom she also has children.

The woman, who overcame an addiction and, who had been sober for more than four years, found out that her friend was pregnant with her partner and used drugs again. “I just wanted to do the right thing and make sure she was safe“, He says.

Hailey Mae took her friend to medical appointments and accompanied her to the hospital for the delivery. There, he even put on the bracelet that is normally given to the father and gave the boy the first bath. However, three days later, she found out who the baby’s father was.

It was a birthmark on the newborn, a piece of “extra” cartilage found on the side of the neck, which betrayed the betrayal. Hailey says that the mark is the same as her husband’s, and one of the children they have together also inherited the characteristic. “He knew exactly that the daughter was his“, He says.

He forgave her, she is his friend

Hailey Mae Custer told British newspaper The Sun that she was in shock when she noticed the birthmark. At that moment, she looked at her friend and saw that her head was bowed. “I left the house and just prayed. You are surprised, you get angry and then you come to the conclusion that this is really happening, it is real life “, bill.

The woman reflected on the matter and realized that the girl, the daughter of her friend and husband, was innocent and did not deserve to go out on the street for something she was not to blame for. Then Hailey decided to forgive her friend and keep her home.

“I thought a lot about my children, at the end of the day she is their sister and I am not going to hurt that child. So she stayed with us ”, he adds. In a video in TikTokShe commented that she also forgave her husband to have a healthy relationship with the father of her children, but asked for a divorce.