A young woman detects cancer in a coach in a stadium from the stands and ‘saves his life’

On Saturday night, October 23, 2021, in the middle of a hockey game in Canada Nadia popovici who was sitting in a Vancouver stadium seat stopped watching the show and did his best to get the attention of Brian hamilton Canucks technical assistant. The young woman gave him a message to man to ‘save his life’.

Nadia, 22, is a medical student who was calmly watching a Canucks game when she noticed something strange on the neck of a member of the technical team, something that she did not like.

The woman immediately began to wave from the front row to capture the attention of Brian ‘Red’ Hamilton, standing in the substitute area of ​​the court, The New York Times reported.

When finally the connection could be made, from a distance, Popovici showed him a message that he had written on his mobile: “Sorry, but the mole on your neck may be cancerous. Please go to the doctor! “

Hamiltón saw the alert and reacted with concern, but also motivated to go to a medical center later. The review they made to the member of the Canucks confirmed what was transmitted by the girl: the man had a malignant melanoma that had to be removed immediately.

“The message he showed me on his cell phone will be forever etched in my brain and has made a real difference that changed my life and that of my family. Your instincts were right and that mole on the back of my neck was a malignant melanoma, ”Hamilton said in a public letter.

“Thanks to his persistence and the quick work of our doctors, he is now gone,” he added.

The message was shared everywhere via #HockeyTwitter. Hamilton wanted to find the woman he described as “a hero.” In just a few hours, Nobody’s mother responded to the post quite jubilantly, kicking off the emotional reunion.

Almost three months later and after the campaign in networks, Nadia Popovici and Brian Hamilton met again in the first game of the NHL for the Canucks.

A heartfelt hug from Brian and many words to thank him for ‘saving his life’.

“I understand that I am part of the story, but she needs to know that she is the story,” Hamilton said. “She is the person who did this. She saved my life. … She needs to know that her efforts were valid and prospered, “he added.

In addition, the hockey team presented the medical student with a scholarship of $ 10,000. It is the gesture of the team to reward the accurate sight of the young woman.