Acapulco Shore 9: How Karime Has Transformed Since Season 1

Karime Pindter, or as she is also known “La Matrioshka”, is one of the most emblematic personalities in the history of the reality show Acapulco Shore. The new season of Acapulco Shore is on the verge of being released and will bring with it new controversies due to the sentimental relationships that will be generated between the participants.

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Acapulco shore, is one of the reality shows that has been on the air the longest and has members who have become one of the most sought after influencers. Such is the case of Karime Pindter, who gained popularity not only for his way of being, but also for the amazing change that he has had over the years thanks to his surgeries.

The popular influencer has never denied that she has gone to the operating room multiple times to fix any part of her body. Even in the second season of the reality show, she arrived with various arrangements on her body and she has always accepted it with pride and has not denied these little help.

How many surgeries has Karime Pindter had ?

The first was the breast augmentation operation, however, the pleasure lasted very little on that occasion, since some time later one of the implants that was put broke and she had to perform another emergency operation to rearrange her bust.

Another of the most significant changes that he has is in his face was the operation that was done to his nose. From that moment, his face changed and he looked much better than in past seasons.

Afterwards, a treatment was carried out so that his cheeks would decrease and thus, give greater finesse to his face. Another of the surgeries that has been done is liposuction and lipotransference.

Botox has also been applied to the face to prevent wrinkles that appear over time. In the last season of Acapulco Shore, Karime made it clear that she visited a surgeon again to perform the hymenoplasty.

Who would be the new members of Acapulco Shore 9?

The official Instagram page shared an image about who would be the members of the new season Acapulco Shore 9, being so that the followers mention that the controversial reality of MTV would have:

  • Santiago Santana
  • Jacky Ramirez
  • Karime Pindter
  • Beni Falcon