Adalgisa Pantaleón: fifty years on stage

The versatile artist Adalgisa Pantaleón made her debut as a performer at the Voice Festival held 50 years ago at the Palacio de Bellas Artes. His passage through the stages has received the applause of the public.

Adalgisa recognizes as her mentor the teacher Rafael Solano, who from her beginnings in music always guided her in artistic training.

Pantaleón is grateful for the admiration of the public and the opportunity that life gave her to take her art to the whole country, as well as abroad from the hands of the teacher Rafael Solano and together with Juan Luis Guerra. “Fifty years is a life devoted to any profession. During that time I have received a lot of love and recognition. I really value staying active because it has allowed me to work with the generation that preceded me and with the generation of today ”, she reflected.

The interpreter and actress does not forget those who have accompanied her on this journey through music. “I have to thank maestro Rafael Solano, who did the first Festival de la Voz, there I won third place in the second round. From that festival came a Fernando Villalona, ​​who years later would become a great star, an artist that I adore and who was the sensation of that festival. We were both artistically born 50 years ago ”, he commented.

He recalled that when Villalona turned 45 he gave him recognition in the show produced by René Brea, who is also producing the new staging of the artist, with which he will celebrate his fifty years in art.

Those responsible for his achievements include, among others, Casandra Damirón (deceased), the teachers Félix del Rosario (deceased), Jorge Taveras, Manuel Tejada, Víctor Taveras (deceased). “Félix del Rosario was my first arranger, I lived in his house and he was best man at my wedding. I am very grateful to Juan Luis Guerra for taking me in at 4-40, I have felt blessed to be by his side, he is a person I love. He has always been in good and difficult moments, as well as my classmates from 4-40, such as Maridalia Hernández, Mariela Mercado, Roger Zayas, Quico Rizek, Marcos Hernández, Amarilys Germán, and all the musicians, I thank them very much for your support”.

The applause of the public and their appreciation have been vital to continue their stay on the scene. He does not forget those who opened the doors to him in the cinema and theater, especially the teacher Jaime Lucero (deceased), who was the one who discovered his talent as an actress.

After her participation in the Festival de la Voz, Pantaleón was invited by maestro Solano to perform in artistic activities in the capital, in the towns and in New York City.

Her first performance in the United States took place at HappyHills Casino, New York, thanks to maestro Rafael Solano, who took her alongside the also prominent artist Niní Cáffaro.

The first song he recorded was “Que no one amara” by René del Risco y Bermúdez and “Yo soy sentimental” by Nelson Ned. Subsequently, he has recorded various songs, the most recent was the compilation of Dominican popular music sponsored by the Refidomsa Foundation, an initiative of Félix Jiménez.

For Adalgisa Pantaleón, the COVID-19 pandemic brought out the good and the bad in people. He has lived the pain of dear friends who lost their lives to the deadly virus.

“So many people who have left, who remain inside me, like my musical director Víctor Taveras or Víctor Víctor. I have reflected on where we are going as human beings, we know that God is there to keep us and take care of us in order to move forward. Many of us want peace and for our country to flourish, for those who govern us to be fair, not to think about getting rich, but about giving their best, their example for young people to imitate ”, he concluded.