Adolfo Aguilar announces the first one-man show with LGTBIQ + theme: “All emotions come together”

A few days after the start of 2022, Adolfo Aguilar announced that he will return to his role as an actor to premiere his first one-man show in one of the most recognized theaters in the capital. He made this known through his social networks, in which he also provided the date and place of the event.

“The new year began and the countdown to the premiere of my first solo show at the British Theater in Miraflores. So this February 4 I want to invite you to share this time with me “, read in the first lines of the post.

Likewise, the former host of Yo soy expressed his excitement at sharing with the public part of his life experiences in the show, which will be directed by Rodo Reaño.

“They will laugh, get excited and hopefully they will live with me each of the stories that I will tell them. All emotions come together this season: fear, joy, nerves, but above all freedom to be, more than ever, ME in front of you, “wrote the interpreter on his Instagram account.

Aguilar He accompanied his text with the official flyer of the one-man show entitled ¿Where do I go out ?, in which the presenter is seen hiding in a closet in front of clothes with the colors of the LGTBIQ + flag.

The comment box was quickly filled with emotional messages dedicated to the interpreter.

“Great, Adolfo, being free frees us from so much. I’m dying to see your one-man show “,” Many successes, dear Adolfo “,” It will be a success. Hit it with everything! ”Were some of the words of encouragement for the driver.

Among the most outstanding comments were those of the former jurors of Yo soy Maricarmen Marín and Katia Palma.

“There we will be, friend! Rather, I give you my address on WhatsApp, ”Palma wrote.

Jesús Alzamora and Karen Schwarz also spoke in the comments through cute emoticons.