Adolfo Chuiman and the time he exploded because he was “killed” senselessly: “It’s the third time”

He’s fed up! Adolfo Chuimanwho stars in dear butler ‘Peter’ of “At the bottom there is room”, revealed that he was affected by the constant false news about his state of health.

That is why he raised his voice to put an end to the speculation that was worrying all his family and friends, as he assures that it will not be the first time that he has been declared deceased.

For this reason, the actor decided to speak about what is happening on social networks. Until now I don’t understand the reason why some netizens lie about his health status.

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Adolfo Chuiman responds to false news

The actor, Adolfo Chuiman He said that upon learning of his “supposed death,” he received calls and messages from his family and friends, who were concerned after seeing posts on social networks about his alleged death. Given this, the actor was surprised to confirm that the actor’s death was going viral, therefore, he questioned those responsible for spreading this type of false news.

“It is the third time that they are killing me, I do not understand what these people have, they are idle, they are brainless to affirm these things on social networks. But in the end I prefer to laugh, I won’t give them the pleasure of making my life bitter. Today, it is more important to laugh and lead a healthy life,” he said. Adolfo Chuiman in an interview with the Trome newspaper.

As a result, his daughter Carla also had to speak out through her social networks and deny the fact, because the actor had been bothered by the constant phone calls and signs of concern that he received daily.

The time Adolfo Chuiman didn’t want to be ‘Peter’ in “Al fondo hay sitio”

Years ago, Efrain Aguilar revealed in an interview that the actor Adolfo Chuiman He did not like the role of butler, because when they told him that he was going to play the popular ‘Peter‘ did not have a good reaction: “When Adolfo Chuiman we gave him Peter’s paper, he went up to my office. He told me: ‘Efraín, 30 years of acting, to be a butler?’ And I answered him: ‘Adolfito, do you think I’m so stupid to waste your quality as an actor in any role?’ ”, He told Infobae.

Adolfo Chuiman since the series started”At the bottom there is room” He has interpreted “Peter” so well that his supposed death caused great astonishment among the fans, since they detailed that in that episode they made 41 rating points. “‘Remember me, you will feel proud of Peter’. And now? Peter’s death has a tuning record, he scored 41 points, an incredible thing,” he explained.

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The reason why Adolfo Chuiman left the Sociology degree

Adolfo Chuiman He revealed that he decided to stop studying Sociology at the Inca Garcilaso de la Vega University for what he is most passionate about, which is acting: “It sounded nice, and I also gave my mother the pleasure,” he said. Finally, he began to study acting and is now one of the most beloved actors on Peruvian television.