Adolfo Chuiman did not want Peter to die in “AFHS”: “The director told me to do it”

Peter’s death in “At the bottom there is room“caused surprise among the faithful fans of the soap opera, since, over the years, he has become a character very dear to Peruvians. Adolfo Chuiman, the actor who gives life to the character, revealed some details about this shocking scene that was a trend on social networks due to the tragic end that apparently had the butler of Las Lomas.In this note we tell you what is his opinion about the end of his character.

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What did Adolfo Chuiman say about Peter’s death?

It is definitive that the death of Peter affected several viewers, but it is also true that not everyone believes in this loss, since in “Al fondo hay sitio” several characters have revived over the course of the seasons. Adolfo Chuiman He explained his position regarding the possible departure of his character on América TV.

“I didn’t want to do it very much (the scene of the supposed death), but the director told me to do it, so it was done and the scene came out very good. It has been quite exciting to shoot the scene and it is not yet known if it actually Has the character died or not”, he said at the beginning.

The well-remembered comic actor also expressed how grateful he felt to his fans for receiving good wishes on networks: “It’s been crazy. My phone didn’t stop ringing the day after the scene, but it’s part of the job. The public loves a lot to the character of ‘Peter’ and I am totally grateful for that”.

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Will Peter return to “There’s Room at the Bottom”?

The same way, Adolfo Chuiman He spoke about the future of his character in “In the background there is room”, since many acclaim his return: “That depends on the production. For now, they have told me to rest because I have had very busy scenes, so I don’t know anything about the return of the character.

“That’s right. They love Peter because of the character he has. The girls stop me on the street, they ask me for a photo and they also want me to give them their ‘slap’ (laughs). They ask me for photos everywhere and I do it willingly because an artist is due to the public. The success of the series is thanks to the public”, he said happily.

Adolfo Chuiman hopes to return to “AFHS”. Photo: Composition LR/America TV