Adolfo Chuiman gives his opinion on Peter’s death at AFHS: “I didn’t want to, but the director told me to do it”

The legendary actor, Adolfo Chuiman, has revealed that he had quite intense days of work with the last scenes he had under the mantle of Peter McKay. According to comments who gave life to the butler of the new hillsI was a little undecided about the departure of his character from the series of America TVbut that he finally did the scene at the request of the director of ‘Al fondo hay sitio’.

“I didn’t want to do the (death) scene, but the director told me to do it, so it was done and it came out very good. It’s been an exciting experience filming and there’s still the possibility that my character didn’t die.” confess Adolfo Chuiman.

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Adolfo tells an anecdote that after the scene of Peter’s death was broadcast, his cell phone did not stop ringing the next day. Faced with this gesture, he was quite grateful to his audience for showing so much affection to the character that he played for more than a decade.

In addition, Chuiman comments that his return to the screens of the faithful friend of don gilberto It could only be possible if the writers of the series decide so, although he does not lose hope that they decide that it is necessary for his character to reappear on television screens.

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Adolfo Chuiman takes a vacation after Peter’s death

According to Adolfo Chuiman, he does not know if his character will return to the series soon, but he points out that the production told him to take a vacation while deciding what will happen in the next chapters.

“For now, they have told me to rest because I have had very busy scenes,” says the popular actor who has been with the series since the beginning of the series created by Efraín Aguilar in 2009.