Adolfo Chuiman is furious with the news of his alleged death: “It is the third time they are killing me”

He raised his voice! The actor Adolfo Chuiman, recognized for his role as Peter in the successful series “There is room at the bottom”, did not tolerate unscrupulous people using his name to spread false news such as his death, which has affected his family. Totally distressed, the artist rejected this type of attitude from his compatriots on social networks. What was most striking is that this would not be the first time he has been declared deceased.

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Adolfo Chuiman affected by false news

Adolfo Chuiman reported that he was alerted by several friends and relatives who called him concerned after seeing the news of his alleged death on social networks. Given this, the actor was surprised and questioned those responsible for spreading this type of news.

“It is the third time that they are killing me, I do not understand what these people have (…) to affirm these things on social networks. But, finally, I prefer to laugh, I will not give them the pleasure of making my life bitter. Today it is more important to laugh and lead a healthy life, ”she said in an interview with Trome.

Adolfo Chuiman returned to acting after two years due to the pandemic. Photo: Capture America TV

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Actor wants to return soon to “In the background there is room”

On the other hand, the actor prefers to remain focused on his career and expressed his desire to be able to rejoin the recordings of “Al fondo hay sitio” soon. As is known, Chuiman is absent after announcing his retirement from Francesca Maldini’s house.

“I hope to reappear in the story soon, for now Peter has moved away from Francesca Maldini after confessing that he bought the land for the González house,” he said.

Adolfo Chuiman revealed that on the street he is recognized as 'Peter Mackey', a character played in Al fondo hay sitio.  Photo: Capture America TV.

Adolfo Chuiman Photo: América TV capture.

Adolfo Chuiman didn’t want to be ‘Peter’ in “Al fondo hay sitio”

Efraín Aguilar revealed in an interview that Adolfo Chuiman was not interested in the role of “Peter” in the successful soap opera. “When we gave Adolfo Chuiman the role of Peter, he went up to my office. He told me: ‘Efraín, 30 years of acting, to be a butler?’ And I answered him: ‘Adolfito, do you think I’m so stupid to waste your quality as an actor in any role?’ ”, He told Infobae.

Peter is one of the most beloved characters in ‘There’s Room at the Bottom’, but he could have been played by another actor. Photo: America TV

“’Remember me, you’ll be proud of Peter.’ And now? Peter’s death has a record, he scored 41 points, an incredible thing, ”he added.