Adolfo Chuiman on Diego Bertie: There was the possibility of his return to “In the background there is room”

The death of Diego Bertie continues to sadden more Peruvian artists, who knew him and shared their work with him. On this occasion, the actor Adolfo Chuiman recalled the times he recorded the teleseries “There is room in the background” and “Back to the neighborhood” together with the late ‘soap opera heartthrob’.

He said that he was affected by the news of his death, which shocked the country since the morning of Friday, August 5. Let us remember that Diego Bertie lost his life after falling from the 14th floor of a building in Miraflores. The actor was 54 years old and had enthusiastically resumed his musical career.

“The news of Diego’s death it was a bucket of cold water It’s the kind of news you never expect to receive. This made me sick, it affected me a lot because he was a great actor and a better person”, Adolfo Chuiman expressed for Trome.

He stated that Diego Bertie loved to talk about music. “We shared a lot of time during the recordings, we talked a lot about theater, humor and he was always with projects. He always spoke with a lot of passion about music something we had in common”, added the popular ‘Peter’.

As for whether Diego Bertie could have returned to “In the background there is a place” as Sergio Estrada, a character he played in 2015, Adolfo Chuiman revealed that there was a possibility.

“Sometime I heard his name as a possibility to return to the series. In “Back to the neighborhood” we met again and we were always in contact. I hope that God has him in his lap, ”he concluded.

After making the wake of Diego Bertie in strict privacy, the actor’s family thanked the signs of affection that the fans and friends of the deceased have had.

“Diego’s family and loved ones want to reach the deepest gratitude to all the people who have manifested, especially these last days, his love and admiration for him and his professional career as well as the respect they have had for the deep sorrow we feel for their departure. Thank you for your love, affection, admiration and respect for our dear Diego,” the statement read.