Adolfo Chuiman prepares a new project on TV and would say goodbye to “Al fondo hay sitio”

The actor Adolfo Chuiman He is one of the most beloved Peruvian artists in the field because his character Peter from “Al fondo hay sitio” has managed to win the hearts of the public. However, he could say goodbye to Francesca Maldini’s popular butler, as he is preparing a new television project. On the other hand, he recently Efrain Aguilarformer director of the series, revealed that Chuiman – at the beginning of production – was not so convinced of the role he was assigned because he did not consider it relevant.

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Adolfo Chuiman prepares a new project

The interpreter Adolfo Chuiman He commented that he is working on a new project and hopes that it will see the light of day very soon. As the national actor himself recounted, he had the idea of ​​making “Rare taxi driver”, planned for a duration of half an hour with a weekly chapter. However, it was very well received and this acceptance was later reflected in “Mil oficios”. Therefore, he now hopes to repeat the success of both.

Adolfo Chuiman is one of the most remembered actors on the national scene. Photo: composition LR / diffusion / Archive La República.

“It would be for television, I’m studying it well. For me it’s great because it has three main characters, it takes context. Really, I’m analyzing it a lot because I’ve done a theater career, I’ve done 18 dramatic plays. I’ve always believed that the actor is seen on the tables, not only on television,” he told Infobae.

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Efraín Aguilar revealed that Adolfo Chuiman did not want to be “Peter”

The former director of “Al fondo hay sitio” Efrain Aguilar told in a recent interview some little-known facts about the hit television series. One of the revelations that drew the most attention was that the actor Adolfo Chuiman, at first, had questioned being given the character of Peter, for “being just a butler.”

“When we gave Adolfo Chuiman the role of Peter, he went up to my office. He said to me: ‘Efraín, 30 years as an actor to be a butler?’ Remember me, you’ll be proud of Peter’. And now? Peter’s death has a record, he scored 41 points, an incredible thing,” he explained.