Adolfo Chuiman: what did he study in San Marcos and what university degree did he leave unfinished?

Adolfo Chuiman Vargas He is one of the most important actors and comedians on the national scene. Some of the most outstanding productions in which he participated were “Risas y salsa”, “1000 oficios” and “Así es la vida”. Although everyone recognizes him for his artistic side, initially Chuiman was not going to dedicate himself to acting or comedy. He knows what is the university degree that he left unfinished and the studies that he studied at the Major University of San Marcos (UNMSM).

Next, we will tell you more about this stage of Peter, the most beloved butler of “There is room at the bottom”.

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What is the university degree that Adolfo Chuiman left unfinished?

According to what he told Caretas, his passion for theater began with books, since he was attracted to telling stories on stage. However, despite the fact that he wanted to dedicate himself to performing arts, he preferred to choose another path. This is how Adolfo Chuiman decided to enter the Inca Garcilaso de la Vega University to study Sociology, since he wanted to please his mother. “’Sociology’ sounded nice, plus I wanted to please my mother,” he said.

The comedian tried to study sociology, but did not finish. Photo: Things

His artistic vein did not allow him to continue with his career, so he ended up leaving it aside.

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What did Adolfo Chuiman study at the Universidad Mayor de San Marcos (UNMSM)?

At the age of 22, Adolfo Chuiman entered to study at the Theater of the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, a career from which he graduated. Subsequently, he trained at the National Higher Institute of Dramatic Art. After this, he officially began his artistic career, which has not stopped to this day.

“I studied theater at the Instituto Nacional Superior de Arte Dramático, located at Lampa 833, I still remember. The San Marcos Theater was also held there, where I graduated. After taking a voice imposition course, I did a expert. That’s where my career began,” Chuiman told Things.

“AFHS” acquaintance Peter noted that, initially, he did not want to do television.

Adolfo Chuiman currently gives life to ‘Peter’ from ‘Al fondo hay sitio’. Photo: America TV

“The theater career is the one I adore the most. It was about 12 years in which I worked as a dramatic actor! I didn’t want to do television, for me, television was foooo! I participated in works by Brecht, Pirandello, Bernard Shaw, García Lorca “And in leading roles. I did three plays a year. I also had a puppet company, Los Polifacéticos, and I was in about 120 radio soap operas,” the actor told the national magazine.

“AFHS”: why didn’t Adolfo Chuiman want to be Peter?

Unlike other characters, such as Joel Gonzales, Peter of “Al fondo hay sitio” continues to be one of the most loved by fans. However, Chuiman, the artist who brings him to life, was about to refuse to accept the role, according to Aguilar.

“When we gave Adolfo Chuiman the role of Peter, he went up to my office. He told me: ‘Efraín, 30 years of acting, to be a butler?’ And I replied: ‘Adolfito, do you think I’m so stupid to waste your quality as an actor in any role?’”, the producer began in dialogue with Infoabe.

“’Remember me, you’ll be proud of Peter.’ And now? Peter’s death has a record, he scored 41 points, an incredible thing, ”he added.