ADOPAE proposes to President Abinader to declare December 11 National Bachata Day

The Dominican Academy of Art and Show Journalists (ADOPAE) suggested the President of the Republic, Luis Abinader, accept the proposal to declare December 11 as National Bachata Day, to commemorate, among other milestones, the achievement of having obtained the Guinness Record after having performed the “Bachata dance more biggest in the world”.

The educational entity, chaired by the journalist Severo Rivera, considered of great cultural significance that a group of artists proposed to move Poland from the bachata record, to claim it for the Dominican Republic in the Guinness Book of Records.

The public document indicates that bachata is a rhythm that identifies Dominicanness in the world, as has been recognized by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) that on December 11, 2019 declared at that popular rate as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Remember that the UNESCO, that December 11, established that bachata is a living heritage that is an integral part of all popular and traditional celebrations in the Dominican Republic. “Dance begins to be learned spontaneously everywhere from childhood,” underlined the entity founded on July 10, 2021.

By supporting the proposal made by the legendary bachata singer Luis, so that on December 11th it be declared “National Bachata Day”, ADOPAE indicates with the decision other milestones that have nurtured this musical genre would be celebrated.

“By declaring the National Day of Bachata, a deserved recognition would be made of the creativity of the Dominican people and the forgers of this rhythm, and what is indisputably a country brand will be exalted, as evidenced by its worldwide reception,” says ADOPAE .

Those milestones are that on December 11th the anniversary of the singer-songwriter’s birth is commemorated. Victor Victor and the album launch Bachata Rosa by Juan Luis Guerra, as highlighted by the organizers of the bachata record led by the filmmaker and show producer Alberto Zayas.

“The official declaration would be a recognition of the men and women who through bachata have consolidated the identity of a musically rich people and have exported it to the most remote corners of the globe,” said journalist Severo Rivera, president of the academy that brings together journalism professionals.