Adora and Adecc sign collaboration agreement

The Dominican Association of Radio Broadcasters (Adore) and the Dominican Association of Commercial Communication Companies (Adecc), signed a collaboration agreement.

By Adora the document was initialed by Rosa Olga Medrano, president of the board of directors of the institution that groups the country’s radio stations, and for Adecc, its president Eduardo Valcárcel.

The purpose of the agreement is to join forces to coordinate joint programs, projects, activities, technical assistance, intensive academic-technical training, promote measurements and consumer and market research.

“The agreement will allow us to share the data resulting from these investigations and / or measurements among members, development of an annual joint forum -members meeting- in order to analyze the strengths, weaknesses, progress and challenges of both industries, alliance to face and debate ”, it reads.

Likewise, the Adecc will motivate its members to place commercial advertising on radio broadcasting stations that are members of Adora, to counteract the harmful promotion of radio stations that operate under a framework of illegality and compete unfairly.

Adora and Adecc have common goals and interests in the fields of communication, culture and training technical-professional especially in the field of commercial broadcasting.

The agreement was signed by Medrano and Valcárcel at the Adora facilities, located in the Centro de los Héroes in Santo Domingo.