Adriana Quevedo IN SHOCK after learning which victim can CHOOSE PUNISHMENT for an offender in Qatar: “How amazing!”

The driver Adriana Quevedo after having started to practice a bit of the Arabic language with ‘Nosy’, for the Qatar World Cup 2022, he could not hide his impression when he saw what the laws are like in that country, which has been considered the safest in the world. Even a person who has been a victim of criminals can choose his punishment.

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It all happened in the last minutes of the program D’morrow, when they were watching during their last sequence they were talking about the curious facts of the country of Qatar, in which it came out that it is “the safest country in the world”. At that moment, the host Adriana Quevedo decided to tell an experience.

According to the presenter, a close friend who is enjoying the place at the moment, would have suffered a robbery and, when the corresponding authorities managed to catch the thief, they asked her to fill out a form in which at the end they asked her to choose the punishment of the offender.

The host revealed that she was impressed when they told her the story: “How amazing! Seriously, the laws are impressive and that one can choose the punishment of their offender,” were the brief words she said live Adriana Quevedo without hiding his impression.

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Adriana Quevedo assures that being on TV is not having a lot of money

During an exclusive interview he gave Adriana Quevedo For the newspaper El Popular, the host pointed out that being on television at this time is not a guarantee of anything, since several are even engaged in other activities at the same time that they are on TV.

The driver indicated that it has not been easy to know that all basic food items had risen and assured that one job is no longer enough due to the current government.