Adriana Quevedo talks about her participation in AFHS: “I hope Chela has been liked by people” – INTERVIEW

The former TV host, Adriana Quevedo, explained to The popular what was her secret to get into the role of Chela Aguayo, who is part of the female duo that competes with Pepe and Tito in the series ‘Al fondo hay sitio’. According to the ex-partner of Karla Tarazona, she had to remember all her experiences in public transport to shape the personality of her character in order to please the public who are fans of the production of America TV.

“I would love for Chela to be in the series all the time, but it depends on many factors. However, I hope that people liked it, that is the main motivation,” he says. Adriana Quevedo when asked about the future as an actress in AFHS.

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He adds that much of the personality of the acting force he brought to his performance is due to his “experience in public transportation.” In addition, she maintains that she did not do it alone, since she followed all the indications and advice that she was given before going on camera, giving a lot of credit to those responsible for current history that we witnessed in Nuevas Lomas. “The scriptwriters are bosses,” she said.

Adriana assures that now she even thinks and speaks like Chela, since she was quite committed to the role. “When I put on her clothes, it’s an amazing transformation, everything changes, the way she walks, moves her arms, talks, it’s incredible,” she said.

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Adriana Quevedo and her love for acting

The actress confessed that returning to acting has brought back memories of what she thinks of this beautiful profession in which she can explore new worlds and ideas in each character.

“I love acting and the possibility that it gives me to be several people in a single life, that is priceless,” says Adriana Quevedo.