Advíncula, the king of jokes in Boca Juniors: “I ate you, Sebastián Villa”

Luis Advíncula returned to Boca Juniors with recharged energy after a short vacation. The full-back of the Peruvian team joined the preseason training and took time to joke with one of his teammates.

Sebastian Villa He could not escape the occurrences of the Peruvian defender after he won a disputed ball from him. This scene was immortalized by the cameras in the club’s press area and was later shared by the Peruvian on his Instagram account.

“I ate you”, Advíncula wrote about the snapshot that was accompanied by two emojis that depict his mischief.

The ‘Ray’ signed an acceptable 2021, in which he achieved several objectives that he had in mind with the teams he defended. The player played various competitions with three different jerseys, from Vallecano Ray in the second division of Spain, Boca Juniors in the league and Argentina Cup and the Peruvian team, in which he fought for the America Cup and the Qatar 2022 Qualifiers.

Days ago, through his Instagram account, he wrote about his time in the Vallecas cast: “Today ends a complicated year personally, but it ends in the best way; I started moving up with the team that welcomed me for three and a half years. Thanks to everyone’s work, he returned to first class, where he always has to be! ”.

Advíncula went on to point out that he left the Spanish club and realized one of his dreams. “I made the most difficult decision of my life, I left my children, who were always with me at all times, but I made it to fulfill the dream of playing for Boca; at the beginning it was very complicated, with a lot of criticism for everything, but I’m used to that and nobody knew what was happening in the first months, but thanks to God things got better and we ended up being champions ”, he commented.

Finally, ‘Luchito’ thanked the support he received: “I can only thank those who were always more in bad times than in good times. Happy new year to all and may next year be much better for all, with health and a lot of work! God bless you”.