Adviser reveals that Sheyla would no longer have hair due to so much discoloration: “Everything is extensions”

Does she know its truth? Nicole akari He appeared again in Mujeres al Mando where after stating that Magaly Medina and her red hair went out of fashion, now he revealed little secrets of Sheyla Rojas.

“Chameleon, unique, I love it, I love it, I adore it, Sheyla a kiss,” said Nicole’s partner, who definitely assured that he likes the two shades of hair on the model.

As for Nicole’s turn, she was more accurate and confessed that to have Sheyla’s blonde in the past, it is something almost criminal with her hair, since the touch-ups are constant.

“I think that Sheyla is one of the very changeable women, she not only proposes, but also takes risks and that is the idea, that the girls at home take a benchmark and take risks in the hairdressers, be careful, in a good hairdresser” , beginning.

“To get to a shade of blonde like that, it is criminal and many people do not know, but Sheyla ended up with hair of this size (small), due to so much discoloration and discoloration,” he added surprising everyone.

“They bleach you from the roots and keep that color … be careful, in that photo, she only has her hair here (on top of her nose) because everything else is extensions, no one could have full hair if it doesn’t come from you chestnut ”, she declared confidently. And you do you think?

Sheyla reveals excess filters after tensing her face at a New Year’s party

The exchica reality, Sheyla rojas He underwent a new cosmetic operation to reduce measurements hours before his return to Mexico with his partner, the popular Sir Winston. Recall that, upon arrival in our country, the model did not hesitate to turn to her family doctor for a harmonization of her face, double chin and body.

But as expected, the model also resorted to Instagram filters to improve her image, even abusing them, and this was evidenced. We leave you the clip so you can appreciate it.