After hitting, the artists want to collaborate with Featherweight

After becoming the first Mexican to lead the global Spotify list and having performed at the Coachella Festival, the singer Featherweight Collaboration proposals rain down on him. “Now all the artists want to do corridos,” she told EFE in an interview.

“I’m very happy that my music is going global, I think we’ve put aside the term ‘regional Mexican’ and it’s just Mexican music. Now all the artists call me because they want to do corridos,” said the artist.

Hassan Emilio Kabande Laija is the real name of the 23-year-old from Zapopan (Mexico), who has become a musical phenomenon with his raspy voice and his controversial “war corridos”.

With only three years in the industry, the singer has managed to position his music among the most listened to on music platforms and has been part of the US Billboard Hot 100 list five times, a mark never before achieved by a Mexican.

“There are many people who paved the way so that everything I’m doing can be that big. Many people paved that street and now we are on ours, we do what we have to do and what we like,” he said.

Kabande has made songs together with other current exponents of the so-called “corridos lying down” such as Natanael Cano and Junior H, but also with reggaeton artists such as Blessd, Yng Lvcas and the producer Ovy On The Drums.

Breaking the barrier of Mexican reggaeton

“I am getting into bellaqueo a lot, we are breaking the stigma that the Mexican is not good at doing reggaeton,” said the interpreter of “Azul”, who has already triumphed in the genre with songs like “La bebé”, another of his hits latest viral.

At Coachella, Featherweight He met Becky G on the main stage to sing the song “Chanel” and lived an “indescribable experience” as it was his first appearance at a festival.

There he coincided with the reggaeton player Eladio Carrión and Bad Bunny, and without affirming or denying a project with them, the Mexican commented that “collaborations with great people are coming.”

“I’m excited that all these figures like what I do,” said the singer.

A new “pastel pink” stamp

This Thursday Featherweight is preparing to perform at the Latin American Music Awards (Latin AMAs) that will take place in Las Vegas (Nevada, USA), and also to launch the single “Rosa pastel” with her compatriot Jasiel Nuñez.

“I’m excited because it’s a song that the same people made viral and that we only sang at concerts. The public was dying because we recorded it and here it is,” he said. Featherweight.

The corrido was written by both of them and is accompanied by a video filmed in Amsterdam (Netherlands). It was during his stay in the European city that the interpreter realized the scope that his music really had.

“Many people who were not Mexican were asking for photos and they approached us to tell us that we are doing things right, that gives us motivation,” he said.

Nuñez is the first artist signed by Doble P Records, the new record label led by Kabande himself, with which he intends to promote his music and new talents.

Kabande is aware that fame and recognition have come to him quickly and in order not to fall into the ephemeral, he intends to continue working “with passion”.

“The growth has been very fast, we have experienced many changes within the team and the project, but I simply want to follow the path we had from the beginning, I want to do reggaeton, rap, hip-hop without forgetting our roots because it is what the people are waiting,” he said.

This summer the singer hopes to unveil his third studio album and has twenty concerts scheduled in the United States, where he will visit cities like San José (California), Seattle (Washington) and San Antonio (Texas), among others.