Agatha Lys predicts that Paolo Hurtado will apologize to Rosa Fuentes: “He will be sorry and on his knees”

Jossmery Toledo and Paolo Hurtado are in the eye of the storm after being caught together in Saint Eulalia, where both shone together and with the athlete’s family, despite the controversy. After her proximity, the seer Agatha Lys was sent with an impressive prediction. What will happen to Rosa Fuentes?

This time, the ‘little witch’ made it very clear that the popular ‘little horse’ He will apologize to the mother of his children, Rosa Fuentes, after the controversy. Through a conversation with ‘Love and fire’, He commented on what will happen in the future between the player ofthe scientist and his still wife.

YOU CAN SEE: Agatha Lys on the link between Jossmery Toledo and Paolo Hurtado: “Karma will work. It will end badly”

“What I can tell you is that karma is going to work here. The way in which he is acting is totally negative (…) this is going to end badly,” the well-known seer commented at the beginning, who, in many times, he had accurate predictions. Meanwhile, she sent a message about what will happen to Rosa.

“He is going to be sorry on his knees asking for forgiveness from his wife. Exactly,” he specified. “He will be asking for forgiveness and wanting to get his children back. He will be dragging himself. Jossmery will then be his enemy,” Agatha added in the program. Rodrigo González and Gigi Mitre.

“The wife is going to grow so much (…) This is going to encourage her to have much more projects. She is going to grow and he is going to go down, he is going to do badly in football and in various things. Out of pity, she is going to forgive him , but not as a couple,” the tarot reader said very confidently, who considered that over time, the Peruvian national team will return and try to recover their marriage, but that this will not happen due to the firmness of Fuentes.