Agustín Laje, far-right activist, criticizes the election of Gabriel Boric: “Years of decadence await Chile”

Argentine writer and speaker Agustín Laje criticized the election of Gabriel Boric as president-elect of Chile after the second round held on Sunday, December 19.

“Years of decline await Chile. They chose a proven unsuccessful model that sank countries like Venezuela or Argentina ”, Laje wrote the next day on his official Twitter account.

Laje, known for his controversial ultra-conservative ideas, wished negative results for the 35-year-old who became the youngest president in Chilean history with the highest vote and the largest electoral turnout.

Hopefully the coming decline weighs especially on Boric voters. Stupidity and malice must pay ”, he added in the tweet.

In fact, Laje reacted to the collapse of the markets in Chile registered on Monday, December 20. “We have already started … Geniuses of the vote,” he said on the social network.

Although he has not tweeted more about it and since that day the dollar has fallen in the local market. It is currently trading at $ 859.16 seller in the first operations of the local interbank market, reported the local newspaper La Tercera.

“After the strong advance on Monday, it is natural to see erratic movements and volatility in the following days, especially on a date when there is usually a lower volume of transactions in the local exchange market,” said Ricardo Bustamante, from the Capitaria company.

Boric’s immediate response after meeting with the outgoing dignitary Sebastián Piñera at the presidential palace of La Moneda, was to announce that he will speed up the definition of his cabinet to “grant certainties”, especially to the markets.

“We are going to make every effort to make it as soon as possible,” he replied to the press when asked about the date on which he will appoint his cabinet after his meeting with Piñera.

Piñera, Boric recalled, appointed his team of ministers for his second term on January 22, that is, about “a month after” being elected.

“I hope I do not exceed that deadline. We are aware that it is important for the country to grant certainties that some may like them and others not, but it is important to be certain of what is coming, “he added.

With information from AFP