AI Reveals What Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates Would Look Like If They Were Poor

What do Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates have in common? In addition to being owners of large companies dedicated to technology, all of them are millionaires who live in luxurious mansions, so it is curious that an artificial intelligence (AI) has created images of them mired in extreme poverty.

As detailed by Unocero, to create these ultra-realistic images, midjourney, a famous artificial intelligence (similar to Dall-E) that, until a few weeks ago, was free to use. The author was Gokul Pillai, an artist who did not hesitate to share the result on his Instagram account, from where they went viral.

According to the publication, in addition to Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates, Pillai asked Midjourney to take images of other famous millionaires such as Jeff Bezos (owner of Amazon), Donald Trump (former US president), Warren Buffett (American businessman) and Mukesh Ambani (Indian businessman).

“Slum millionaires. Forgot to add one,” Pillai wrote on his Instagram account. So far, her publication, which went viral, has more than 24,000 likes, the majority of netizens congratulating her creativity, some even do not hesitate to ask her to add politicians or businessmen from their country.

“Maybe this is exactly how it happens in a parallel universe”, “Just amazing, they look real”, “I have to try Midjourney”, these are some of the comments that users made on this post. Next, we leave you the images of the ‘poor millionaires’ that have caused a sensation in the networks.

Elon Musk. Photo: Gokul Pillai/Instagram

Mark Zuckerberg. Photo: Gokul Pillai/Instagram

Bill Gates. Photo: Gokul Pillai/Instagram

Jeff Bezos. Photo: Gokul Pillai/Instagram

Donald Trump. Photo: Gokul Pillai/Instagram

Warren Buffett. Photo: Gokul Pillai/Instagram

Mukesh Ambani. Photo: Gokul Pillai/Instagram