Air accidents that have occurred in the DR from 1992 to the present

Air accidents are not as common as traffic accidents, but when they do occur their consequences are much more catastrophic due to the number of victims, especially if the plane is commercial. Although a private aircraft, in which the consequences of human losses are less drastic, this Wednesday in the Dominican Republic one of these tragedies was experienced again with the balance of nine people dead.

Below is a compilation of the air accidents that have occurred on Dominican soil from 1992 to 2019.

November 15, 1992. The Ilushyn 18 aircraft, from the Cuban company Aero Caribbean, crashed on the mountain at an altitude of 2,788 feet in Loma Isabel de Torres, in Puerto Plata province, in which 34 people lost their lives, 16 Dominicans, 16 Cubans. and 2 Italians.

February 6, 1996. Birgenair Flight 301 chartered by the Turkish subsidiary Birgenair, Alas Nacionales (“National Wings”), from Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic to Frankfurt, Germany. The Boeing 757-225 operating the route crashed shortly after taking off from Gregorio Luperón International Airport. All 176 passengers and their 13 crew members died.

October 11, 2006: Four people were killed when the helicopter they were flying in crashed ashore in the municipality of Cabarete. The dead are Second Lieutenant (pilot) Queveler Matos Matos, a resident of Santo Domingo, Army Sergeant Ramón Emilio Rosario Pimentel, and two passengers identified as Delio González, 37, of Dominican nationalized American origin, and Hobbard Kerzmer, of South African origin, 42 years old.

April 7, 2013. ENAER T-35 Pillán of the Dominican Air Force during an air show. In the aircraft were flying the pilots of the Dominican Air Force, Lieutenant Rafael Sánchez Astacio and Second Lieutenant Carlos Manuel Guerrero Guerrero, both deceased.

February 14, 2018. The CESSNA N2451J fumigation plane, with registration number 188B, collapsed to the ground in the Sabana del Puerto-Jima District, in the municipality of Bonao, when it hit a high-tension electricity cable. Its pilot, José Ramón Peralta passed away.

May 21, 2019. Helicopter registration N9956K, type Bel 206, crashed to the ground. He had taken off from La Vega at 10:00 in the morning. His two passengers died: businessman Juan Heriberto Medrano and Martín Vargas. The pilot survived.

June 29, 2019. The private plane, registered N55784 of type PA28, crashed on the Agüita Blanca hill, in Barahona, after taking off from the María Montés international airport. Its four occupants Giuseppe Lubrano, pilot of Italian nationality; the co-pilot Enrique Gullón; Raquel Córdova and José Carbonell, died.

August 5, 2019. The HI-979, Cessna A-188B plane took off on a flight to spray agricultural supplies from the Ranchito La Vega aerodrome, towards a plantation located on the San Francisco de Macorís Rieles, where it crashed. Octavio Carlo, the pilot of the aircraft, brother of the communicator Sergio Carlo, died in the accident.

December 15, 2021. On flight 3555 that took off this Wednesday afternoon from the Joaquín Balaguer International Airport, known as El Higüero, in Santo Domingo Norte, and which rushed near the Las Américas terminal, two Dominicans, one Venezuelan and six were traveling as crew. Puerto Ricans, who died.