Aldo Mariátegui on giant erotic huaco: “Peruvian aesthetic decline that disgusts”

It assures it is in “bad taste”. Aldo Mariátegui would not have endured the image that Peru would be acquiring before the international gaze after the giant representation of an erotic huaco in the district of Moche, in Trujillo, became known, which he called a “disgust” and a product of “ordinariness “.

The tv presenter He harshly questioned in his column in a well-known local newspaper that the country has lost, according to him, its quality and elegance, assuring that: “Everything has dropped a lot in aesthetic terms and Peru today has become cheap, grotesque, huachafo, garish. “.

But, that was not all, but the figure of Willax Television he dared to assert that the existence of the giant erotic huaco would be a representation “On our aesthetic decadence” and that “the country has not done more than ‘pacharaquearse’ in recent years.

“Everything has dropped a lot in aesthetic level and Peru today has become cheap, grotesque, huachafo, garish. And as often happens in our country, there is always a worse. That ‘statue’ based on an erotic huaco that they have put in Moche it is the summon of bad taste and ordinariness. Nothing can better demonstrate the current Peruvian aesthetic decadence than that disgust, “he said. Aldo Mariategui in his column in Peru 21.

Erotic huaco of Moche generated controversy

According to the municipal authority, this sculpture was a donation made by a visual artist who wanted to show his talent through this type of work that represents the sector.

“A plastic artist has requested permission to put it there. We Mochicas have always stood out for two types of huaco: the huacoretrato and the erotic. In our culture it did not represent eroticity, but the deity towards God, when there were many rains ”, Fernandez pointed out to the Peru Sanctuary.