Aldo Miyashiro and Fiorella Retiz in ‘Habla Chino’ where they hesitate in a double meaning before ampay [VIDEO]

The ampay of Aldo Miyashiro and Fiorella Retiz has left the local show business surprised, as the driver appeared to have a solid marriage with the Peruvian actress Érika Villalobos. However, not everything is there since after the dissemination of this controversial material, the Amor y Fuego program decided to dig into the public life of “Chino” finding indications that the affinity with his former reporter was already evident.

YOU CAN SEE: Aldo Miyashiro did not deactivate comments after ampay with Fiorella Retiz and users hit him with a stick: “You fell on me”

As can be seen on their channel ‘Habla Chino’, Fiorella Retiz and Fiorella Méndez, protagonists of the Magaly TV La firma ampays, appeared on their social media program. The topics that were discussed were diverse, highlighting the “jealousy of couples”. What did everyone say?

At the moment of the presentation of his colleagues, Aldo Miyashiro hesitates to see them dressed in black and white. “The angel and the devil, good and evil, accompany us on the panel,” he said, causing both of them to laugh.

“I am the good,” says Fiorella Retiz. “Don’t be,” Fiorella Méndez reacts, but her friend defends herself and blurts out: “I didn’t have lashes in my wallet.”

Pedro Loli’s ex did not remain silent and released an infidence. “Don’t make me talk because I just gave Chino something I took out of my wallet“, revealed and this caused nervousness in her friend.

“What!” she said. While Aldo Miyashiro watched with complicity apparently knowing what it was about.

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Aldo Miyashiro did not deactivate comments after ampay with Fiorella Retiz and users hit him with a stick

The television host Aldo Miyashiro and his former reporter Fiorella Retiz are in the “eye of the storm” after ampay who starred on Magaly TV La firma on April 19. After that, it was expected that the actor would also appear in ‘La banda del chino’ to release him since he is still married to Érika VIllalobos, but he did not.

“What avocado you are”, “F for Aldo and Érika who is a beautiful woman”, “His wife did not deserve this”, “You fell for me”, “Today I stop believing in love”, “It cannot be”, were some reactions.

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Aldo Miyashiro would speak TODAY after ampay with Fiorella Retiz, according to “The Chinese Band”

Despite the fact that many already had the complete information on the Magaly Medina program, they hoped that the still husband of a famous television actress would speak out, but it was not so and he left this said with his companions.

“We have received the message from Aldo, he will be with us tomorrow (today, Wednesday) and with you in La Banda del Chino,” said Sebastián Monteghirfo live. Could it be that today, Wednesday, April 20, it is pronounced?

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Érika Villalobos received messages of support after Aldo Miyashiro’s ampay with Fiorella Retiz

After the ampay issued by the program “Magaly TV La Firme” which has as protagonists the television host, Aldo Miyashiro and the reporter Fiorella Retiz, users on Instagram decided to give their support to the actress Érika Villalobos with different messages.

Some of the messages that have been written to her are: “Érika we are with you”, “Erika you are a great woman!”, “Strength Érika you are a great woman that no negative comment will knock you down from this you come out strong” and “Erika a great woman, He does not deserve to be done to him ”, were some of the comments.