Aldo Miyashiro and his son bring donations to Carabayllo and the victims are moved: “Thank you Chinese”

America Today show “The Chinese Gang”, led by Aldo Miyashiro, donated donations to those affected by the mudslides that occurred as a result of Cyclone Yaku. This time solidarity came to carabayllo and the driver achieved it with the help of his entire production team that put their hand in their pocket, as well as thanks to companies that work with them in situations as they are.

Aldo Miyashiro He did not arrive alone, but was accompanied by his son, Mikael Miyashiro, who also spoke for the cameras of the “La banda del chino” program. The first thing the television host said was: “We are going to try to help,” while his son stressed the importance of collaborating with those who need it most at this time when Cyclone Yaku has left thousands of people with nothing. “I think it’s important and I need it in difficult times like this cyclone,” he replied.

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The “La banda del chino” program, with the support of other allied companies, brought food rations and supplies as donations to the most needy in the Carabayllo district. All this was distributed in order and even the same Aldo Miyashiro He gave each person the baskets with basic necessities. “Water, benches, toys for the children and we are going to do so that there is a little illusion.”

The residents of Carabayllo were very moved by the donations received, but also by the presence of the same Aldo Miyashiro in the zone. Even the driver of “La banda del chino” had a plate of food with them for lunch and listened to the needs of the residents, who have left many in nothing. Victor Hugo, his reporter, even had to comfort a couple.

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Aldo Miyashiro invites you to collaborate with victims

Before launching the note on the program “La banda del chino, Aldo Miyashiro He invited everyone to collaborate and stated that he would pass on the images because it is important that they be disseminated to encourage others. “The chronicle must be shared to find that everyone helps. I see too much criticism. You have to add up. Let each one help with their ways and their possibilities,” she said.

Yes indeed, Aldo Miyashiro He did not take all the credit and said that it is the collaboration of his entire team made up of more than 30 people and also other companies. “All this that has been taken has been the own resources of more than 30 people who make up the team.”