Aldo Miyashiro and Óscar del Portal: how did they meet and when did their friendship begin?

Last Monday, April 19, all of Chollywood came to a standstill, after the popular host of Magaly TV: La firma shared the publicity of a new ‘ampay’ on her social networks. Thus, users immediately began to relate that the protagonist of Magaly Medina’s uncovering would be the driver Aldo Miyashiro. Likewise, they also began to identify that the other person involved in the ampay would be the journalist. Fiorella Reitz, who works with him ‘Chinese’ Miyashiro.

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In the program of ‘Magpie’ It was possible to show that not only would the actor be the protagonist of the long-awaited ampay, the sports journalist Óscar del Portal was also involved, who was seen in great confidence with the communicator Fiorella Méndez, who was the ex-partner of the cumbiambero Pedro Loli.

This new event in the Lima show business left more than one in shock, since the hosts of América TV had a stable relationship with their respective wives. But what many have wondered is how the closeness between the also members of the ‘Once Machos’ soccer team was born, that is why today in The popular we will tell you more about this friendship

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Aldo Miyashiro and Óscar del Portal: how did they meet?

Aldo Miyashiro took a few minutes on his show to apologize to his still wife Érika Villalobos and his entire family, so he also regretted what the reporter is going through Fiorella Retiz, since he even lost his job at the digital channel Click TV. He said that he is the only one responsible for everything that happened.

Miyashiro He also mentioned that he was responsible for the images, but not for what is speculated after the images, since the different media have mentioned that there was a complicity between Aldo Miyashiro, Oscar del Portal, Fiorella Retiz and Fiorella Mendez. Likewise, “Chino” revealed that what was said was not true.

In this way, the driver of “La banda del Chino” mentioned that they were not such friends with the sports journalist, emphasizing that they only met when they played together on the “Once Machos” team. Let us remember that as Miyashiro Y of the Portal They are figures from América TV, that is why it can be assumed that they have already been able to meet each other in the corridors of channel 4 before.

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When did Aldo Miyashiro and Óscar del Portal start their friendship?

The leader of ‘La banda del Chino’, in his defense also assured that the kisses and caresses between the reporter, Fiorella Retiz and he passed when Oscar del Portal I was in his room and Fiorella Mendez I was sleeping. In this way, the still husband of Villalobos ruled out that there was no infidelity on the part of the sports journalist.

In the statements he gave Miyashiro mentioned that the proximity to Oscar del Portal It started with soccer, since they were trying to do a project to be able to travel to the province with the “Once Machos” team.