Aldo Miyashiro becomes obfuscated and faces a rival who hit him in the face in a football match

He had a strong reaction. Television host Aldo Miyashiro lost his roles during a football match between his team Once Macho and Lautaro FC. What happened?

And it is that a member of the rival team put an elbow in the face and he did not hesitate to claim the referee for this bad action.

However, this did not stop there since his rival approached to face him and Aldo Miyashiro’s reaction was no longer the calmest, as he lost the papers.

So much so that their teammates had to intervene to separate them, as they fell apart.

“One more insult from anyone and the game is suspended”, the referee warned them.

Aldo Miyashiro wants to make a new series with Mystery actors

After the great reception that the Mystery series had at the time, Aldo Miyashiro was willing to make a new production with the same actors, this excited the fans.

“They ask me a lot to do another series. We met with Haysen Percovich a year ago and we said to put together a project with the actors of MysteryWe are all older, a few years have passed. The idea remained because the pandemic came and the idea is there, of course it could be done… Mystery my important creation, from that series onwards I don’t remember a single day without work ”, he said.